Julie Parker from the UK is the very talented and celebrated children's book artist and author who illustrated "Lucky, the Left Pawed Puppy.
The process of finding the perfect artist for "Lucky" was one of the most enjoyable tasks of this project.  From a list of 17 submissions from very talented and published artists, I spent days of viewing their websites, printing out selected illustrations, taking the selections around to family, friends, and neighbors. I finally had narrowed my search down to three illustrators.

After considering all my friends' comments and watching the reaction of all of the children in my neighborhood to the various artists' works, I made the decision.  It was drawn from an intuitive sense from Julie's drawings that her art contained the whimsy and insight into children that I wanted for Lucky.  After Julie sent the first rough drawings and her vision for Lucky,  I knew I had made a perfect choice!  Julie was able to capture everything I wanted for this little story and MORE.  I now look at the book often when I'm creating a new format or just when I want to see it again, and every single time I do,  I find something new in Julie's illustrations.  When I think of how this talented young person across the ocean was able to bring Lucky to life in a way better than I could ever have imagined, I smile and feel truly grateful!  I have never met Julie in person; I have never talked to her on the phone, and yet she has brought much joy to my life through this publication, and that is a gift for which there is no measure.  To view more of Julie's work click on Julie's self-portrait on the left or on Julie's real-life picture.