A Sample of Lucky's book, read to you by actors, Bethany Therese and Brian Julian

 "A delightful book about differences for any child, especially a child who has, at some time, felt  'left' out."  (Author Bill Meissner (Spirits in the Grass, Hitting into the Wind, The Road to Cosmos)  More Reviews Here

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Lucky is a lovable little puppy who lives with Mrs. Poppyset and his brothers, Shortstuff and Rags under the “H” of the “Hollywood” sign in Los Angeles, CA. Lucky is a happy little puppy as he scampers about in his world, except for one little thing.  Lucky somehow seems to always be going in the opposite direction of everyone else.  But that doesn't matter to William T. Stagent, the Hollywood agent, who thinks all of Mrs. Poppyset's dogs are the cutest dogs he's ever seen. He convinces Mrs. Poppyset that they would be perfect for the popular Bow-Wow-Chow-Now commercials, and off the three brothers go to become Hollywood's newest stars.  

Once on the set of Parapup Pictures, the puppies know just what to do.  Soon, however, Hector, the Director discovers that Lucky always seems to be turning "the wrong way!" Hector is ready to fire the lovable puppy, but first calls in the Lovely Leslie, famous TV animal dog trainer to find out what's wrong with Lucky.  Leslie is just about to explain that nothing is wrong when suddenly an earthquake hits Studio 8.  Just when the whole building is about to collapse, little Lucky saves the day simply because he sees the world in a different way.   More