"A delightful book about differences for any child, especially a child who has, at some time, felt  'left' out."  (Author Bill Meissner (Spirits in the Grass, Hitting into the Wind, The Road to Cosmos.(New! The  Mapmaker's Dream)   More Reviews Here

"Young readers will like the subject matter and theme of the book. Belonging and being different are powerful, positive ideas that young readers can relate to. The plot moves quickly, and kids will love the part when everything falls apart - great kid-level drama. The story has great fun elements for kids (Lucky who isn't lucky but becomes lucky; reading aloud fun phrases like (Bow-Wow-Chow-Now. etc.) ...The sketch-style art has a warm, fun feel...and the book is just the right length for a read-along picture book."
(Judge, Writer's Digest Self-Published e-Book Awards)

A Sample of Lucky's book, read to you by actors, Bethany Therese and Brian Julian

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